I want to get older so I can go to Goddard House!

My grandfather has lived at Goddard House for a few years now, I genuinely think it has kept him alive in his final years. This is a man who thrives on human interaction, adored his family home and detested the idea of losing his independence in assisted living. My aunt researched and placed him at Goddard and I could not be happier.

Living in the UK, this year was the first time I was able to come visit him since he moved to Goddard a few years ago. The staff are wonderful (chatty, kind and interested in their residents), the building and facilities are top notch and well equipped and the food and activities are great. Residents were sitting in the reception eager to chat and open to newcomers, conversing with each other in the hallways with their doors open.

My Grandfather loves people, loves entertaining and is nearing 100 years old. My fear was he would be staying in his room, eating crummy food and watching TV. The time I spent with him, we enjoyed chair Zumba classes, playing the piano and having an impromptu sing along with passers by, writing poetry for workshops, watching movies with other residents… he was always checking the schedule and telling me he had a happy hour or an activity he wanted to do so I would have to visit at particular times. That is music to my ears.

Goddard House has kept him and his mind engaged, comfortable, allowed him to make new friends, play music to people and every single staff member is polite, professional and happy to be there.

I want to get older so I can go to Goddard House and I am excited to return soon to see my grandfather so happy. Thank you Goddard House for keeping him in the picture and letting me forge more lovely memories with him.

– George, Grandson of Resident