“Aging Together: Senior Children and Their Parents” at Goddard House

As life expectancy rates grow so does our prospect of caring for a parent in our own “golden years.” Now, hear the fascinating results of a Boston-based study that provides new insights about the complicated relationships of older adult children (aged 65+) and their very old parents (aged 90+). Based on interviews of more than 120 pairs of very old parents and their adult children you’ll learn about:

  • Conflicted feelings of “empty nest” adult children who thought their caregiving days were behind them.
  • How “old benefits” or “old wounds” influence how parents and children feel about each other now.
  • Surprising survey results about the level of support that older adults provide their adult children.

This situation can become more complicated when parents develop dementia and present an entirely new set of challenges.

About the Authors/Speaker:

Kathrin Boerner PhD, Principal Investigator of the Boston Aging Together study. Professor and Doctoral Program Director, Department of Gerontology, McCormack Graduate School.

Elizabeth Gallagher, Speaker, and MS, Research Coordinator for the Boston Aging Together study, Gerontology PhD Candidate.

This in-person event is also accessible on Zoom. RSVP by Monday April 25 to Christine Nagle at 317-731-8500 x143 or cnagle@goddardhouse.org. Spaces are limited.