Gallery M

Gallery M…Where M Stands for Matilda

Matilda Goddard was described by those who knew her as, “a sweet and patient lady, giving every trifle her full sympathy and attention.” She was also referred to as, “A remarkable woman who showed all the signs of a guardian angel.” Becoming an artisan in her own right, and as a means of raising funds that she could use to support charitable organizations, Matilda started a vest-making business and gave all of her earnings to causes dear to her heart. She served with dedication on the Goddard House Board of Directors for a total of 51 years of her life. It is this spirit of Matilda’s giving and kindness that we strive to keep alive and well here at Goddard House every day. Gallery M is a humble tribute to Matilda and the creative, giving spirit she possessed—one which we hope never to forget.

Gallery M

In the summer of 2016 Goddard House dedicated it’s new art gallery known as Gallery M. Our new art gallery is already on its way to becoming a well-known space for local artists to show their work, remarked Goddard House Executive Director. Goddard House has joined the Brookline Open Studios collaborative which occurs every April throughout the town of Brookline. We’ve installed gallery quality lighting and hanging systems to give the gallery a professional look and feel. We try to show a new local artist each month which keeps the gallery interesting for our residents, their families, our staff and the many guests who pass through each week.

Gallery M is located at 165 Chestnut Street in Brookline, MA. It is just off the main lobby and is part of a main thoroughfare through Goddard House—this makes it hard to miss.

Please come visit. Admission is Free.

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