How to Get Involved

Volunteer at Goddard House Assisted Living

Volunteers Bring A Special Spirit

Volunteerism is a special spirit which brings with it the opportunity for valuable and meaningful relationships to evolve. At Goddard House we cherish our volunteers and the free gift of their time, talents and gifts. We welcome those with a deep desire to make a difference in an older adults’ life to ask us about getting involved.

As you apply we can try to tailor your interests, enthusiasm, and skills towards a volunteer position. You’ll find that you will be greatly rewarded by volunteering with our residents, as will they by sharing their lives with you.

Volunteer at Goddard House!

If you are interested in exploring volunteer opportunities at Goddard House Assisted Living, please email our EnrichedLIFE Director, Rebecca Margolin, at Please include a resumé and specify your areas of interest. 

Donate to Goddard House

We welcome your generous donations of any amount to support the wonderful work happening at Goddard House Assisted Living in Brookline. As a Not-for-Profit, charitable 501(c) 3 organization, all of your donations are completely tax deductible.  A donation offers you the opportunity to partner with us in this ongoing mission to maintain this very special community for older adults.  As a Not-for-Profit we provide a number of affordable units that allow residents who may exhaust funding sources to remain at home here at reduced rates. These charitable efforts along with supporting other great works going on in the Brookline Area are reasons why the Goddard House is such a remarkable place to live, to work and to serve our fellow human beings. 

Donations can be made in any amount and are payable simply to: Goddard House. Come visit, see and experience Goddard House up close! We hope you will feel inspired to help us maintain a strong financial outlook now and for many years into the future.