Parkinson’s in Motion
at Goddard House

Parkinson’s in Motion is a new and innovative initiative at Goddard House that takes a holistic approach to address the very diverse experiences and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Designed to help our residents living with the disease to better manage its symptoms through access to movement and expressive therapies programs, a classroom support group, and an educational speaker program, these evidence-based resources are also available to others in the greater community, including family members and caregivers.

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Our Parkinson’s in Motion programs include: 

In-House Parkinson’s Training
In-House Parkinson’s Training Program for Associates

So as to provide the highest quality of care for our residents, Goddard House invests in ongoing training, including monthly presentations from leaders in the medical field, to help our associates understand the why’s and how’s of Parkinson’s, and regularly learn about the best practices in caregiving.

Movement & Expressive Therapies
Movement & Expressive Therapies

Studies show that movement and expressive therapies can be remarkably beneficial to those living with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s in Motion offers programs such as tai chi, dance, and music tailored to improve symptoms related to Parkinson’s, and led by professionals experienced in teaching older adults living with the disease.

For information on these programs, email Erica Curcio at or check out our Upcoming Events page!

Parkinson’s Classroom Support Group
Parkinson’s Classroom Support Group

This monthly support group features educational topics, expert guest speakers, and the opportunity to connect with others. Facilitated by both Goddard House Social Worker, Susan Kates, and Bob DePeron, Director of Community Outreach at Right at Home Boston Metro West.

For information on how to join, email Bob DePeron at

Educational Speaker Program
Educational Speaker Program

Meant to inspire and uplift people living with Parkinson’s, and provide information from experts on the field’s most effective integrative therapies, the speaker program has featured such notables as ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen, diagnosed with Parkison’s at age 81, and Berklee College of Music Professor and TedX speaker Kathleen Howland, on the beauty and power of music on the brain.

Visit our events page for a list of upcoming speakers!

Participation in our Parkinson’s in Motion program is open to all Goddard House residents. Our programs are also available to a limited number of community members and caregivers, which adds a wonderful dimension, as well as additional perspectives. We also hold regular fundraisers to support Parkinson’s research, so make sure to like us on Facebook to see what we’re up to next!

Parkinson’s in Motion Team of Qualified Professionals

In addition to our speaker series, which is helmed by nationally recognized experts and presenters, our weekly and monthly virtual programs are led by a team of renowned professionals from the Boston area, experienced in working with older adults and those living with Parkinson’s.  

Our instructors are from esteemed academic institutions and leading organizations, and have experience in art, music, dance, healthcare, and social work. Their diverse backgrounds and talents help us create meaningful programming for a variety of interests and abilities. 

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