Meet Our Assisted Living Team

Carolyn Sandel
Executive Director

Residents and staff always inspire me because I can directly see how our work can increase the quality and well-being of lives. Because I know that individuals with memory loss can still learn and grow as a person and that everyone has a story, I wanted to be able to help individuals with dementia to still grow and continue to enjoy that story.

Lance Chapman
Assistant Executive Director

Many of our residents inspire me. Some of them deal on a daily basis with chronic pain and discomfort, yet remain positive and warm in their outlook on life. They seek new ways of mindful living and meditative practices. I am inspired to seek that kind of strength and grace when I am in pain… now and when I am older.

Andrew Santalucia
Director of Dining Experience

I came to work for the Goddard House because I wanted to work for a population of people who truly needed my service. I love getting to chat with our residents, especially at our Dining Forums. It’s my favorite part of the job to take their feedback and use it to create nutritious and memorable meals for them to enjoy.

Josephine Hoey
Director of Business Administration

The most rewarding part of my job is being able to provide assistance and guidance to associates and residents. I love our weekly “Happy Hour” program because I get an opportunity to socialize more with the residents.

Rebecca Margolin
EnrichedLIFE Director

I enjoy spending time with the residents and listening to them, especially when they share memories of the past, keeping history alive! It’s inspiring to see a wide range of ages and experiences come together as a community. I love coming to work each and every day, and am honored to work with such compassionate associates.

Kristen Cipriano
Director of Olmsted Programming

My favorite program to do with residents is the Reminiscing & Music program. I love being able to hear about their pasts and seeing them relive their memories through music is really amazing. Everyday is full of so many rewarding experiences. I love seeing a resident have that “light bulb moment” during a trivia program or sing along during a music program. It really shows that no matter what stage of life you are at, there are still so many learning and enjoyable experiences left.

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