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Reaching Out & Building Community at Goddard House

Goddard House makes use of partnerships as a business and community model to leverage innovation and sustainability by working together with organizations “outside the box and budget.” We develop programs with community partners, like the Brookline Community Aging Network, that we could not achieve as single organizations due to limited fiscal resources, time and personnel. We also capitalize on diverse perspectives along with unique strengths and practice to solve multi-faceted challenges to maximum benefit.

Partnerships offer older adults, caregivers, and professionals the richest array of programs as we avoid duplication and schedule conflicts. Partnerships also reinforce connections to aging services through educational and arts programs in user-friendly ways, allowing consumers repeated opportunities to “test the waters” before making bigger commitments.

Goddard House Community Connections

Affiliations & Partnerships

Professional, academic and community affiliations and partnerships are a vital part of our Goddard House mission.

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Community Initiatives

Goddard House Community Initiatives was created to share creative energy and bring the joy and fellowship of the arts to older adults.

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Goddard House Garden Harvest

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