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About Us

Our History

Founded in 1849, Goddard House is the oldest elder care organization in Massachusetts, and the third oldest in America; named for Matilda Goddard who was a remarkable woman ahead of her time. Born in Cambridge, MA to a wealthy family of carriage makers, she was bright and industrious. At the encouragement of her father, Matilda started her own vest making business in the early 1800’s and gave away most of the proceeds to charity.



Goddard House embraces the aging experience for seniors living in the Boston area by operating a high-quality assisted living community and by creating innovative programs which support our need for purpose, engagement, autonomy, and choice as we age.


Goddard House’s core values include:

We offer support with empathy and compassion.

We nurture a sense of community and belonging by treating residents, family members, staff, and all members of our community with respect, without regard for age, ethnicity, religion, income, ability, sexual orientation or gender preference.

We believe that collaboration creates strong programs which advance the goals we share with the community.

We actively listen to our stakeholders, provide opportunities for dialogue, and adapt our programs so they evolve along with the community’s needs.

We recognize and reward excellence among staff and community partners.

We actively seek, create and adopt innovative programs that enhance life for older adults.

We embrace transparency in the way we operate. We welcome feedback from residents, families, the community; and from state, federal, and town agencies.

Matilda Goddard,
Namesake and Founding Board Member