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Growing The Farm At Goddard House

Organic Vegetable Gardens

Since 2014 Goddard House has added a total of six 4ft by 8ft garden beds which stand at waist height and allows residents to garden from a standing or sitting position. Not only do the garden beds provide another source of entertainment for our resident but everything is harvested and served in the dining room. Our Gardening Program season with Green City Growers begins every year during the last week in March.

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Goddard House Chicken Coop

Although scientific research has yet to confirm this, we see the observable, positive effects our chickens have on our residents here at Goddard House Assisted Living.

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Indoor Vegetable and Herb Garden

It has been well-established over the past few years that Goddard House residents have some of the greenest thumbs in town. We’ve gotten a great deal of joy (and veggies!)  from our outdoor gardens. In fact – if we had the choice, we would garden every day of the year!

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