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Olmsted Place Memory Support

Our Mission

We work each day to create a neighborhood where people living with memory loss can experience ways to reconnect with a sense of purpose and well being. By keeping minds active we can help people recognize they have special purposes and reduce their experience of stress and failure. Families are helped to find ways to maximize their relationship with the person with memory loss.

Our Staff

Care & Compassion: The care and compassion with which our residents are treated comes from people who do their work with a sense of calling and deep purpose. We hire staff people that truly become interwoven into the fabric of the neighborhood. With this high standard, the residents of Olmsted Place experience great care and compassion everyday.

Professional Expertise: The average length of employment of our lead Personal Care Assistants is over eight years. This level of consistent staffing gives Olmsted some of its most special qualities. Staff with this extensive length of service, develop deep understanding of the specific needs of our residents.

Our Environment

With thoughtful, research-based design features throughout, Olmsted Place was created specifically with residential home-like spaces. The neighborhood, with comforting wall colors, well-chosen artwork, and brightly lit spaces, features a beautiful two-acre outdoor garden with walking trails often referred to as, " The Best Backyard in Brookline."

Our Creative Memories Programming

Using music or art to enhance their memories, the expressive arts can energize someone with memory loss because it allows the person to succeed at being themselves again. Tapping into one's own creativity helps people get past the obstacle of "I can't" reactions that might keep them from trying something new. Creative memory programming are all about opening new doors for our residents to enjoy themselves through the arts.

Our Residents and their Families

Residents and their families make up the heart of Olmsted Place. You will appreciate this special place where residents and their family members experience the community to its fullest. We approach the care of each resident from a holistic perspective and by integrating their history and their unique abilities. With lectures, tea parties, summer concerts, socials and ongoing support groups, we work to create an atmosphere where the families of all residents feel welcome and supported.

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