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Goddard House Outdoor Organic Vegetable Gardens

Since 2014 Goddard House has added a total of six 4ft by 8ft garden beds which stand at waist height and allows residents to garden from a standing or sitting position. Not only do the garden beds provide another source of entertainment for our resident but everything is harvested and served in the dining room. Our Gardening Program season with Green City Growers begins every year during the last week in March.

A True Farm to Table Experience: Every Tuesday residents work with a farmer to plant, grow, maintain and harvest a variety of vegetables and herbs. From tomatoes, onions and banana peppers to rosemary, mint, parsley and beyond! Last year alone we harvested over 200lbs of vegetables that were served through our dining room. Having an experienced and knowledgeable farmer along with 3ft tall garden beds helps bring back a favorite pastime!