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In April 2016, Goddard House welcomed a few more residents to our community…10,000 more, to be exact. But don’t worry, they won’t be taking up all that much room, because they’ll be living in the bee hive out back! With the help of Best Bees Beekeeping Services, these bees made the trip all the way from Georgia to our very own back yard. Since bee season begins earlier in Georgia due to warmer weather, bringing bees from out of state gives them a longer season, and a better chance of establishing themselves as a colony. After the bees get to know their new queen, she will begin laying eggs and our bee colony will grow to 60,000!

Over the summer, the bees will have their work cut out for them. Not only will they be helping the harvests in our lovely garden beds by pollenating the plants, but they will also be providing us with a sweet new treat – honey! With an earlier start to bee season, the bees will be able to produce more honey, and also have a better chance of preparing the hive to survive during the winter months. We at Goddard house are very excited to welcome these bees to our community! Learning all of their names, well…that’s another story.