Goddard House 2023-24 Annual Appeal

Programs and Connections That Make A Difference

Dear Goddard House Friends and Colleagues, 

Vibrant and ever-changing with eclectic and evocative exhibition themes, Gallery M is the central artery that literally and figuratively stretches through the heart of Goddard House and connects the community. Created to showcase diverse and rotating artwork from local artists and Goddard House residents, Gallery M reflects the diverse, creative and inclusive character of the Goddard House community.

Goddard House residents, Musia, Arlene and Florence, and their recent three-women art exhibition in Gallery M, personify these characteristics and the community-building nature of art. Musia, a Goddard House resident for more than a decade, is a 100-year-old sculptor and abstract artist. Arlene discovered her talent for acrylic painting when she moved to Goddard House eight years ago. Florence, a Goddard House newcomer, is a lifelong artist who favors watercolor painting. The women quickly developed a connection through creating art together on Saturday mornings which led to their exhibition collaboration highlighting the trio’s varied use of media and artistic styles.

“It feels good to see your art displayed,” shared Musia. I’m grateful that Goddard House supports my love of art, and has generously provided me access to a studio, canvases and paints.” Musia also engages in Goddard House activities such as music and poetry writing – and leads a knitting group that donates scarves to local shelters. “I feel fulfilled by expressing myself,” she explains.

Arlene, an introspective, former master pattern-maker admits to “coming out of her artistic shell” when she got to Goddard House and began painting with the camaraderie and support of other residents. She has delighted the community with her colorful acrylic paintings featuring a combination of nature and fashionable women. Arlene feels that art is “necessary to unlock creativity and innovative ideas.”

Florence enjoys a background in the arts which began when she was first able to pick up a crayon. Her detailed watercolor paintings, pastel drawings and silk screens reflect her love of animals and nature. “When the group makes art together, we are all so focused. It’s like meditation.” Florence offered that she is inspired by many aspects of the arts with which she engages at Goddard House – and particularly enjoys it in the company of her fellow residents and staff.

We hope you will consider contributing to our annual appeal this year so that residents like Musia, Arlene and Florence may continue to grow, express themselves and connect with others through our creative programming. Our board has pledged to match donations up to $1,000. Your tax-deductible gift will be a meaningful investment in these important initiatives and greatly appreciated. If you prefer to give online, please visit www.goddardhouse.org/donate.

Thank you for your consideration and best wishes for a joyous – and creative – holiday season!


Candace Cramer
President & CEO

Alexandra Schweitzer
Chair, Board of Trustees

Musia with her sculptures on display at Goddard House.
Arlene discussing her artwork with Roberta (l) and Florence (r).
Florence with her ‘Toucan’ watercolor painting.

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