Living Musically with Parkinson’s

12 week class offered on Zoom | Free of charge and open to the Parkinson's Community

Free and open to the Parkinson’s community!

Come experience the positive effects of music on the symptoms of Parkinson’s in this 12-week musical program on Zoom. Events will be held every Thursday starting February 4th.

  • Learn techniques, songs, and concepts to strengthen and uplift your body, your brain and your mood.
  • Practice vocal exercises to help breathing, speech, and swallowing.  
  • Build knowledge, community, self-compassion and resilience  through sharing symptoms and strategies in a small group.

Musician and neuroscientist, Joshua Min, specializes in working with older adults, and those living with Parkinson’s, to help improve their quality of life through the power of music.  

Our Goddard House Parkinson’s in Motion program also includes an Educational Speaker Program and a monthly Classroom Support Group on Zoom. 

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Email Erica Curcio at or call 617-731-8500.

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