Mindful Aging Program

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

We offer Goddard House residents instruction in mind-body techniques to develop peace of mind and to cope with mental health and the physical challenges of aging. Our programming team, Meditation Specialist, and Registered Art Therapist incorporate mindfulness into many of our daily and weekly activities including meditation, yoga, and tai chi. Some of our unique mindfulness programs include research-based art therapy and reflective discussion groups. 

The ability to quiet the mind eases the impact of stress on the physical body and slows the progression of dementia. At Goddard House, we offer a holistic approach to care, treating the mind, body, and symptoms of memory loss in both our Assisted Living and Olmsted neighborhoods. 

mindful aging experts

Join Us For A Virtual Class!

Designed specifically for older adults and facilitated by experts, our virtual Mindful Aging courses offer an introduction to traditional mindfulness methods with a focus on cultivating a healthy and positive relationship to the body, mind, and spirit. With roots in Buddhist meditation, our courses are designed within the context of the aging process to best suit our residents and our local senior community.

We open a few seats in the class to the public, which adds a new energy and dynamic to the course, as well as additional perspectives. Contact us to find out when our next course starts!

Participant Testimonials:

“At first, I couldn’t keep my mind quiet for more than 2 seconds, it was so full or needless worries. Now, over a year later, I can’t imagine how I survived so long without meditation.”

– Mindful Aging Class Participant

“Mindful Aging made me more aware of my environment and my physical presence. I don’t try to do two things at once anymore. I pause. That’s helped prevent me from falls.”

– Mindful Aging Class Participant