Building Community Through Art Exhibition at Goddard House Showcases Artistic Expression from Four Older Adult Communities

BROOKLINE, MA— Building genuine connections through art is the theme of a combined  exhibition, “Building Community through Art”, showcasing artwork created by older adult  residents from Goddard House Assisted Living (Brookline) and Goddard House Community  Initiatives (GHCI) program participants from Mount Pleasant Home (Jamaica Plain), Anna  Bissonnette House (South End), and Ruggles Assisted Living (Roxbury). 

The artwork was created during a series of Opening Minds through Art (OMA) programs offered  at each of the older adult communities. A signature program at Goddard House since 2016,  OMA is an award-winning, evidence-based, intergenerational, abstract art-making program for  older adults and those living with dementia. The goal of OMA is to challenge assumptions and build respect and genuine connections between older adults and volunteers/student interns as  they come together through artmaking. Graduate student interns from Lesley University and  other area colleges participate in the program both at Goddard House and in the Boston-area  GHCI programs. 

Goddard House Community Initiatives (GHCI) was launched in 2017 to share Goddard House’s  creative energy with Boston-area older adults to encourage individuality, expression, social  connection and innovation through participatory programming that includes art, music, dance,  and other forms of creative expression.  

“The ‘Building Community through Art’ exhibition is a celebration of the amazing creative  capacities of older adults,” observed Goddard House President and CEO, Candace Cramer.  “This combined event is the first of its kind to collectively demonstrate the creative and  community building outcomes of our GHCI programs, like OMA, which grew out of our success  with such initiatives at Goddard House.” 

Goddard House is hosting two community-building events to honor the artists and their artwork,  and provide an opportunity for the OMA artists from the four communities to meet each other  and speak about their experiences with the OMA program. “We are always learning different art  techniques in the program. I love it and I never want to give it up!” enthused Ruggles Assisted  Living resident, Freida.  

Shared Bill from Mt. Pleasant Home in Jamaica Plain, “I have met a wonderful group of friends  through the program. And I’m catching on with the art.” 

The exhibition, featuring more than 40 pieces of OMA artwork in Gallery M at Goddard House, runs until April 24. To find out more about OMA and Goddard House Community Initiatives, visit  

About the Participating Organizations: 

Goddard House embraces the aging experience for seniors living in the Boston area by operating a  high-quality assisted living community and by creating innovative programs which support our need  for purpose, engagement, autonomy and choice as we age. Learn more at  

Mount Pleasant Home is an independent, non-profit residential care rest home for seniors sixty-two  and older. Mount Pleasant Home supports the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of  women and men. Learn more at  

Anna Bissonnette House and Ruggles Assisted Living are Hearth, Inc. properties. Hearth is a non profit organization with the mission of ending homelessness in the aging population through  prevention, placement, and housing programs. Their goal is to place seniors in their own homes,  while providing support and community throughout the process. Learn more at