Goddard House 2019-20 Annual Appeal

Dear Goddard House Friends and Colleagues:

At Goddard House, our residents and associates often speak of the Goddard House “secret sauce” – that special combination of all things Goddard that make our community so vibrant. The warmth and welcoming starts when you walk through our doors and extends throughout the creative and engaging halls, flowing into the daily lives of residents and associates.

Residents are quick to share with pride the many creative programs that are offered at Goddard. On any given day, a resident can:

For example, we are pleased to introduce you to Steve, one of our resident artists. In his youth, Steve had connected with art but, like many of us, lost that connection as an adult. Upon moving to Goddard House, Steve was invited to participate in our Art Therapy Open Studio Program, where he was given the freedom to express himself without limits. Steve immediately began exploring abstract painting, creating beautiful images that showcase his creativity. Steve shares, “Painting is an intense experience for me. It’s not just about the art, it’s about transforming something in myself. When I’m painting, my creative side takes over and all my other concerns fade away.”’

Most residents who participate in our creative programs share similar sentiments. They feel that these innovative programs empower them to express themselves and to thrive.

At Goddard House, all programs are professionally taught and offered on-site in our community thanks, in part, to the generosity of friends like you. We hope you will contribute to our annual appeal this year so we may continue to grow and enhance our unique program offerings.  Your tax-deductible gift will help enormously and for that we are greatly appreciative.

Thank you for your consideration!


Alexandra Schweitzer
Chair, Board of Trustees

Candace Cramer
Chief Executive Officer

Goddard House Resident Art